About us

1The fashion house ‘Gani’, as a home of tradition and treasury of clothing items for a today’s practical and modern woman, was founded in 2000 as the family-owned company with the aim to be different and to create something for everyday wear.

The ‘Gani’ has not paid attentions to commercial trends, but using the natural resources, it uses cotton and hemp with various techniques of craftsmanship to create romantic and contemporary clothing items.

Fluttering dresses made of cotton and embellished with hemp laces have classified this house of couture as the national treasure of Serbia. With this status, the fashion house ‘Gani’ promotes this artistic wealth all around the world.

The evidence of genuineness is a great number of awards and prizes collected both in the country and abroad, and no woman could pass by this beauty promoted at numerous fashion shows, manifestations and exhibitions.

„These dresses tell their unique story and save time and money, because they do not need to be ironed. With a lot of love, I do my best to preserve authenticity and to design something different, unique and yet modern. There is no better designer than the nature. Inspiration is all around us!"

Dragica Gavric   

Business offer

In its wholesale assortment, the fashion house „Gani“ offers wide variety of short and long dresses in beige colour, made of natural materials, pure cotton and hemp. They are one-size-fits-all dresses and easy to maintain.